List of Tecno Android Phones in Nigeria & Their Prices

If you would like to purchase one of tecno android phone. Here is a current of all the tecno android phones available in Nigeria and their respective prices as at June 2014.

Tecno r7 – around 40,000 to 42,000

Tecno T1 – around 16,500 to 18,000

Tecno D3 – 15,000

Tecno D5 – 15,000 – 16,000

Tecno q1 (qwerty keyboard tecno phone) – 18,000

Tecno n7 – 21,000

Tecno n3 – 12,000

Tecno l3 – 15,000 to 16,000

Tecno p3 – 12,000

Tecno phantom A – 34,000

Tecno phantom pad N9 – 37,000

Tecno m3 – 15,000

Tecno d1 – 16,000

Tecno phantom a11 – 42,000

Tecno H7 – 30,00 naira

Tecno m5 – 25,000

Tecno p9 – 31,000

Tecno H5 – 15,500

Tecno M7 – 25,000


This is just a price estimation, however their prices may differ depending on your location.

Hope this was useful? In my next post coming up shortly after this one I will post pictures of all the tecno phones just for you to get familiar with them.


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  2. Anonymous says:

    pls am using tecnop5 i cnt download dictionary i dnt knw why

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  7. asigo Michaelmary godstime says:

    i cant use bbm on my tecno p3 y

  8. asigo Michaelmary godstime says:

    now one for tecno

  9. GLORY SAMBO says:

    pls can l no d reason y l dont get jar in my fone n y my tecno 722 does nt watapps ?

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  12. GOOD BOY

  13. i want to download 2go on my xgp-s5 bontel phone

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    I can’t download 2go please someone should help me

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    I want to download 2go on my

  17. I What To Open My 2go In Dis Phone


    in am opwonya jasper am now using T605 is not surporting youtube why?

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  23. Albashir j ibrahim says:


  24. am using tecno608 nd i can nt download facebook nd twiter am only on 2go nd it nt uploading pic nor sending

  25. Thanks for sharing this info about tecno phone….it was really helpful keep it up man

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