Nigerian Police Force Police Personnel Data Form

If you are looking for the Nigerian Police Force Police Personnel Data form this is the website copy it and paste it on your browser. I got an information from my cousin who is a policeman that it is mandated for everyone in the Nigerian Police force to complete the online form.

To get started with the Registration, you need visit the website at type in your AP Force Number on the left hand side of the website, you are also expected to provide other security questions like your favourite color, the city you were born, your mother’s maiden name and other things. After providing that you click on SUBMIT.

nigerian police form

A unique security number would be generated for you, this security number can only be used with the force number you submitted to fill the police personnel data form.

Login with the force number and security number that was given to you at the right hand side of the website. You would need to provide a passport photograph that has a maximum height of 170pixel, you can microsoft picture manager or even corel draw to resize your passport so that you can upload on the site.

You will also need to provide your next of kin, promotion details, rank etc on the form.

When you finish filling out the form, make sure you preview it to see if everything you entered is correct then click on SUBMIT and proceed to print preview.

Once again here is the website

If you encounter any difficulty during the registration you can email

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The Discussion

  1. Ado Lawal says:

    How can I update my records in the data form?

  2. Cpl Ezukwa Ndem says:

    Sir our welfare and also deying of salary. God protection nigeria police love u sir.

  3. Sgt isah salihu,from 25pmf, says:

    very excellent ,to good Nigerian police personal,as Mr IGP is fighting against corruption among ,from the senior officers down to the joniour officers,kudus to Mr iGP sir,but sir pls we need ur help increase our welfare,

  4. Afolabi solomon says:

    Please can somebody help me connect or link me with Esonwune Ahamuefule since we pass out from police college kaduna batch 47 intake him was posted to jos i was post to niger state we are not be see since 2004 pls this are my phone numbers 08077353497, 08139322646 God bless you

  5. Cpl. Muhammad Basheer says:

    I want to ask Nigeria Police Force to put us in to consideration we displaced personnel in the North Eastern Country.

  6. Muhammad Basheer says:

    I like Nigeria Police Force as i like my self, pls my clique don’t join hand with bad eggs to tarnish the image of our job pls. i like u ooll my ppl.

  7. Solomon afolabi says:

    Any batch 47 intake here squad l please

  8. God is able to do it

  9. Pc. Oyiboka Uche says:

    pls help me thank Nigeria police force 4 providing me dis job three bosaaaaa 4 psc. and three bosaaaaa 4 IGP and one bosaaaaa 4 senor police officers

  10. sgt James Gimba. says:

    plz how do check my 2012 data pin

  11. Lawal Musa says:

    May ALmighty God bless all the members of the Nigeria Police Force Ameen.

  12. I like police force govt should anwers us Jesus Amen.

  13. I’m good police man

  14. attah. f says:

    kudos to the npf even though no better accomodation, no better equipment, no police dictatorship since 1960, no police president. known of them acquire oil well, wealth is in the hand of rtd generals. they escort money & other valuables still is not their own cos their not smart like some Nigerian, their pension desapear like spirit & they cant talk, so they dont deserve comendation. but one day divine call will seperate wealth & soul

  15. I cant open my data

  16. police personal data form

  17. Kasim idris says:

    I like this igp md abubakar, been uncorrupt, silent achiever, sir more grease to your elbow on wellfare of the rank and file, bcoz they ar the engine room of d force.

  18. Apie Osang says:

    I can not remember my police personnel datat security number again

  19. I finish my onw data form seen because i here say on 29 11 2013 closen date

  20. I finish my onw data form seen because i here say on 29 closen data

  21. Anonymous says:

    npf gov ng

  22. Cpc Yohanna. p .cham says:

    I thank god that my dataform has been rigester and i pray for the people that is not open to open.

  23. Cpc Yohanna. p .cham says:

    I thank god that my dataform has been rigester and pray for the people that is not opin to opin.

  24. babatola ayobele says:

    plis open my data form


  26. the internet is responding. How can one complete the online personnel data form.

  27. Npf pls open the webside for us to up date our data.

  28. kasimu musa says:

    please help us upen the web to continue updating

  29. Iliya ishaya. says:

    Pls open the website for updating .

  30. Why d clouse police data from

  31. james nyam says:
  32. How can i open my data form

  33. the Nigeria police is the best job in the world. introspective of persecution from private individual they continue grow. in faith and action recommendation as the best contingent in west African. l rated mbu J. mbu of river as the beat CP he sustained all harassment pressure intimidation still passover and stand on his fit.He deserve award or double gbosaaaaaaaaa.


    MONDAYLONGLIFE.COM I Lost my pin no, how do i open my form?

  35. General information of police personnel data form

  36. Balarabe yahaya wahu village darazo local govt bauchi state dis is welcome development into nigeria police force by our great igp. Thanks alot, remain welfare sir.

  37. How can i checked my data form

  38. F/no.419311

  39. your's

  40. This is a welcome development in and for the force. Kudos to the IG. I pray that he use his good offices to kill the extortion within the force. It is a very bad trait.

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