List of Tecno Phones That Can Ping with BBM

So BBM that was only meant for Blackberry users is now cross platform but you’re pondering if your Tecno Android Phone can use BBM. Worry no more! I have compiled a list of all tecno android phones that can ping using BBM. This will help you to know if your tecno phone can really use BBM.

See the list below;

tecno phones that use bbm

BBM Supported Techno Android Phones

Tecno M3
Tecno L3
Tecno D5
Tecno N7
Tecno D1
Tecno Q1
Tecno Phantom A2
Tecno Phantom A+
Tecno Phantom A

Note That:
1. BBM is free to download.
2. BBM support all Android phones provided your Android phone is running Android OS 4.0 or later.

If unfortunately your tecno phone is not supported you might want to confirm it by doing this test (Goto Settings > Scroll Down to About and look for Android version) if the android version is below 4.0 then forget about bbm cause it ain’t gonna work but if you see something like 4.0 or 4.1 then you are good to go.

To download BBM plug on to or Read : How to Download BBM on Tecno Phones (Direct Link)

Enjoy your pinging moments on BBM!

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