Let Me Unlock Your Huawei and ZTE Broadband Modem for You For Free

Freedom is sweet right??? I know you would say yes. And guess what?

I have choose to put up this article to help you unlock your modem, whether it is Huawei made or ZTE, I will help you unlock it for free of charge.

The only thing you will need to do is to copy your IMEI number and post it here, using the comment form and within 12hours I will calculate the unlock code and give it to you.

Unlock Huawe and ZTE Modem

NOTE: If you unlock your broadband modem you will be able to use it with any subscriber for example in Nigeria we have MTN Nigeria, Airtel and Globabom. Now if the modem was MTN Fastlink Modem and you want to be using it with other networks, simply look at the backside of the modem and copy out the IMEI number and post it here, after 12hours I will hopefully post back the unlock code that you can use to get access to other networks on your modem.

I’ll be waiting for your comments! And pls no spamming, make sure you comment with your Huawei/ZTE modem IMEI number 😉 Thanks

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The Discussion

  1. please help me unlock zte glo net pro imei 356420047535125.Thank you.

  2. pls, kindly help me to unlock my mtn zte mf190. Imei no: 862648019395865 . Thanks

  3. NaNa Wan says:

    Please help me unlock my huawei modem E303 IMEI:868988011561476 Thanks soo much

  4. NaNa Wan says:

    please help me unlock my modem.huawei E303 IMEI:868988011561476 Thanks soo much.

  5. pls help to unlock my zte mf110 modem
    my thnks

  6. pls,help me unlock my ZTE MF190
    imei 865156017172176
    if u have it u can flash me on 08066368177 n i’ll call u

  7. plz help me unlock my glo modem,its vrey urgent.imei no-356420046973566.plz sir i need it to do my assignment in school which i need to sub mit tommorrow.(monday 5th of november 2012)

  8. pls here is my GLO NETPRO,Hsupa usb stick, model MF110 IMEI 356420046587853
    EAN 6934933003095

  9. pls here is my GLO NETPRO,Hsupa usb stick, model MF110 IMEI 356420046587853
    EAN 6934933003095

  10. Femi Ajenifuja says:

    Thanks so much for this, I'm very grateful.

  11. Hi, can u pliz help me unlock my ZTE T_mobile broadband with IMEI 357034033086073 AND THE STEPS I HAVE TO GO THROUGH COZ AM NOT WELL CONVERSANT WITH IT….THANKS…..

  12. Please help me with the unlock code for my ZTE MF110 HSUPA Glo modem. IMEI:356420047065339

  13. Helo,pls I’m still waiting for your response as I’ve seen you help others pls help me unlock my own NETPRO MF110, ZTE OF IMEI NO 356420046985842.
    thanks in Anticipation

  14. please my name is Bright my Netpro says:


  15. bedoor awny says:

    My IMEI: 864446000440115 MF,110 Zte Rohs

  16. bedoor awny says:

    My IMEI: 864446000440115 MF,110 Zte Rohs

  17. Hello sir, please help me unlock my zte mf110 modem.IMEI ;356420046898706. THANKS

  18. Mine is IMEI: 356420046873683, MF110, ZTE. Email is luyodmax@gmail.com. Thanks

  19. wise kuku says:

    please this is my zte glo modem imei code 356420046548079 i want you to please help me unlock it.


  20. i have my glo net pro and i need the unlocking code. here is my imei 356420046923454 model zte mf110.

  21. abdullahi says:

    hey….pls help me unlock it, imei 356420046596938 model mf110

  22. Pls this is my imei no:356420047656723

  23. joseph onyina says:

    pls help my to unlock my zte (glo netpro) imei:356420047597885

  24. Hi, pls I need the unlock code for my zte mf110 modem. IMEI: 356420047508270. thanks

  25. Nathaniel says:

    hello guy. I have had ur great work and i also need ur help please here my IMEI no. 35642004662597 Tank alot.

  26. Pls convince all people dat unlock code cannot unlock zte modem, they sud eithr seek 4 help or download it: 4 easy download, i tink i can b of help if need be.

  27. pls help me unlock my glo modem with imel:356420047433909
    and the EAN:6934933003095

  28. Adesola Sunday says:

    Pls help me unlock my ZTE MF110 glo modem with imei number 356420047013537. Thank you

  29. Solomon Quofi Ampomah says:

    mf110 imei 356420047551163.

  30. 356420047019203 is my imel

  31. Amos Benedict says:

    pls this is etisalt ZTE i desperately need to unlock it
    IMEL NO: 861424010535037

  32. olajide says:

    IMEI NO 356420046459186

  33. Nana Bismark Asante says:

    imei 356420047433693 ZTE pls help me.

  34. Hi, kindly send me the unlocking code for Glo netpro ZTE hsupa usb stick mf110 IMEI 356420047627534. Thanks

  35. I must commend ur effort, guy, u ar indeed generous.May d almighty God continue 2 be with u. But pls, no 1 knws all, mayb u too ar in need of anytin, pls let ur guyz knw. Wish 2 knw u more than this.

    • Thanks for the compliments. If you want to know me more feel free to add me up on facebook Facebook. And yes we need guest writers, financial and moral support to keep this site running. Thanks

  36. Pls Mr D, I need d unlock code for my ZTE MF110 Modem with IMEI Number: 356420046627832.

  37. pls help to unlock ZTE Vodafone wid imei 359591033613451

  38. pls help me with the unlock code for mf110 modem. IMEI: 356420047484142

  39. please help me get my unlock code for zte mf110.imei is 358420047635214.

  40. pls unlock my moderm imei no 356420047531462 mf110.

  41. pls help me unlock my moderm imei no 356420047531462.

  42. I cant unlock my glo modem with the model MF110 and IMEI:356420047577739 PLS HELP ME BECAUSE I NEED IT DECODED.

  43. Mike Haile Flecther says:


  44. hi I would like to unlock my glo net pro mf 110 and my.
    my IMEI:356420047423769

  45. Kojo Abban says:

    HI, pls help me unlock my zte mf119 modem.
    The IMEI is 356420047588066.

  46. Karim Zeeto says:

    Hi, pls I need the unlock code for my zte mf110 modem. IMEI: 356420047642962.

  47. Anonymous says:

    pls help me to get 16 unlock code of zte MF110 with IMEI; 356420047485180.

  48. please ooooooo…..this is just what I've been looking for…..the IMEI FOR MY ZTE MF 110 is 356420047570692.thanks in advance.

  49. please ooooooo…..this is just what I've been looking for…..the IMEI FOR MY ZTE MF 110 is 356420047570692.

    • Oto-obong Candid Success says:

      I have written a post on how to unlock zte MF110 using Dccrap, please refer to that post.

  50. pls I need a software to unlock my zte mf110.

  51. PLS, GUYZ I APPERICATE UR EFFORTS, I NEED TO UNLOCK MY GLO NETPRO E173u-1 , imel 867455000787596. thanks

  52. pls unlock this 356420046596235 MF110.

  53. Pls, u guyz are doing gud work here….i need help on how to unlock my glo netpro…E173…imel, 851976007310278.

  54. how do I use a vodafone modem for mtnfastlink.

  55. Ellel Balansi Maximo says:

    Hi there, I would really appreciate if you could provide me the 16 digit code for imei 359995034481323.

  56. my imei no is 356420046628657. thanx

  57. Oto please send me the unlock code for glo netpro IMEI: 356420046634754 thanks.

  58.  Please help me with unlock code for ZTE Modem, IMEI: 356420046598736.

    And unlock code for HUAWEI Mobile Broadband, IMEI: 356052043292573.


    pls kindly assist me to unlock my ZTE modem,IMEI NO-356420046514527.THANKS

  60. Please help me to unlock my modem NETPRO E173, IMEI: 867455005260649

  61. Hello please i have a glo netpro hsupa zte modem model mf110 that i need unlocked. The IMEI: 356420046600854 Thanks…

  62. Hi,

    I do have HSUPA USB STICK, and working fine with PC (XP) and not able to detect by Android SAWEE 10 table ver.2.3,

    Could you please assist me to install in android tablet.

    thanks and appreciated.

    • It may be that the Android doesnt have support for the HSUPA USB STICK. Check the manual of the HSUPA USB STICK and see if android platform is supported.Stuffs like that support only mac and pc. Just check it to confirm! Cheers

  63. could u pls help me to unlock my modem?




    • Here goes the unlocking code for Huawei model:E156G with IMEI:353870035817401
      UNLOCK CODE: 39861734

      Unlock Code for model:MF627
      UNLOCk CODE: 35340111

      If you are on Facebook, like our Facebook Fanpage and share it with your friends to receive latest updates.

  64. plz help me unlock my modem NETPRO MF110, My IMEI is 356420046610432.

  65. Pls help with unlock code for GLO NETPRO ZTE MF110 HSUPA
    IMEI: 356420046870556

    • Try this Unlock code for GLO NETPRO ZTE MF110 HSUPA 228996410514. Perhaps if it doesnt work you may download the ZTE Modem Unlock here and use it to unlock your modem.

  66. chika okoro says:

    Pls help with unlock code for GLO NETPRO E173
    IMEI: 867455005086549

  67. Yes is ZTE Modem. The code that u sent did not unlock it. So, i wont mind if u send the software to me.


  68. Kindly unlock my Glo Netpro ZTE Modem IMEI 356420046639622. I want to use it with any sim like MTN, ETISALAT and others. Kindly unlock it for me. I have tried it before, but it refused to unlock. Hope urs will work fine for me.

    Thanks in Advance.

    • Hello Babs! Thanks for stopping by. Are you sure it is ZTE modem??? If its ZTE then I have to give you a software you will use to unlock it, I can only calculate code for HUAWEI MODEM. Okay, But meanwhile still try both of this UNLOCk CODE: 826152246440, 042088886464 if it doesnt work then tell me I will send you the unlocking software. You can also join our Fanpage on Facebook here Cheers!!!

    • IMEI: 356420047443387
      Model: MF110
      pls, help me.

  69. pls help me unlock mine its glo net pro imei 356420046822516

  70. It’s hard to find knowledgeable people on this topic, but you sound like you know what you’re talking about! Thank you for this article!

    Best regards Alex

  71. AYENI WILLIAMS says:

    Please this is my glo HUAWEI (NetPro) moderm IMEI number – 867455004906135. I have an etisalat Data SIM that is basically only used for browsing though used on a Nokia C3 phone but it is not effective as a moderm. Thanks for the anticipated assistance.

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