India Web Proxy : How to Get Free Servers

India Web Proxy is a tunneling software that can be used to surf the net anonymously free. It is a java software that can be used to browse free using a php server. If you have been hearing of India Web Proxy am sure you know pretty well that it can be used to bypass web filters and censorship.

In my previous post on how to browse free on your pc with etisalat using india web proxy I stressed the need for you to get your own personal iwp server.

How to Get Free India Web Proxy Servers
I would advice you to buy your own personal India web proxy server so that you can use it without limits. Here is a trick for everyone who needs a free iwp server. You can use this trick to get premium iwp server that where hosted by other people and use them to browse free on your pc.

Open and type in any of the following:

inurl:*.com/tutorial.php.intext:target host not found/down

inurl:tutorial.php,intext:target host not found/down

inurl:tutorial.php site:inurl:target host not found/down

intitle:index of testmyserver.php

Type that in Google Search and Open any of the search results in a new window. The one that says Target host not found/down is an active server. All you need to do is copy the full URL, open your India Web Proxy, goto settings and paste it where you have PHP Full Server.

free india web proxy servers

Incase you still need your own personal India web proxy server you may read this post on how to get a premium India web proxy server.

I hope this information helps.

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