How to Download BBM on Tecno Phones [Direct link]

Its no more news that the much awaited king of IM (BBM) has been made available on Android and iPhone OS. However Tecno users still find it difficult to get it on their phone.

This post is targeted at Tecno users who will like to download BBM on their Tecno android phone, and also other Android users (Infinix, HTC, LG, Samsung) who can’t download BBM from Play Store or on

Worry no more as Deluxe Journal has brought to you an easy and seamless way to Download BBM on your Tecno Android phone and start pinging on your smartphone.

Tecno Android users can download BBM from the direct link below..

Click here to Download BBM

Version: 1.0.7
Size: 12 MB
OS Version Required: Android 4.0 and up

Incase you don’t have a Blackberry ID follow the procedure below:

– After downloading it, install BBM on your device
– Enter your email address to register for BBID and hold your spot in line – you will be informed when to start using BBM (normally takes less than 48hours), if you already have a BBID email enter it and all your contacts will be moved to the new BBM for Android and you can start using BBM right away!

If you have tried several other methods and it doesn’t work, try his one and thank me later.

Checkout the appended screenshot below..

download bbm on tecno

bbm on tecno n7

Enjoy IM on your Device like never before :)

Note: This is only applicable to Tecno Android 4.0 up. To know if your phone is compatible goto Settings > About.

Your questions are highly anticipated.

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The Discussion

  1. My tecno cannot download bbm nd it is tecno t604

  2. a good one. i have successfully downloaded my bmm on my andriod phone. thanks man


  4. Bro, tnx a milli man! With ur help, iv successfully installed BBM on my Tecno P9. I wz alrdy bginin to feel bad abt d purchase wen i wz told from several sites dat d device is incompatible wit BBM. God bless u real gud!

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  7. bbm on my d5 has refused to install…I’m required to free up some space bur I can’t still install

  8. Olamidejohn says:

    Pls sir, i can’t access bbm on my tecno h5, it will tell me dat wireless connection is turned off whenever i try 2 login, even when my wifi is on. Help me out pls

  9. can bbm work on java phones?

  10. Hi,av tried downloading whatsapp on my TECNOT731 It says my javascript is not enable,hw can i enable my javascript and download whatsapp and bbm? Tnx

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  14. Am using tecno L3 bt I can’t download bbm on my phone, wat will I do?

  15. patience says:

    Am using Techno D3 but each time I download bbm on my phone it will not open What should I do

  16. pls my bbm just stopped how can I download another one

  17. i am using itel Android whose vertion is 2.3.5

  18. Archibong Please how can i download holy bible on tecno t731 java

  19. am using tecno phantom A+.n the version is 4.2.1 which ntwrk m i to use? cos i cnt download bbm.even the whatsapp is nt working.what shld i do?

  20. Anonymous says:

    Can i download bbm on my T611S?

  21. I can’t download bbm on mi p3

  22. Happy New Year. My pone is LG L333. how do i use it to download youtube on my pone sir.

  23. How do I download bbm on my Techno m3??

  24. Abass freshboi says:

    How do I switch from new vision bbm to the old vision bcox am fed up with the new vision is not working well am using bold3. Plz help me out

  25. Laniran Olumide says:

    Is a Tecno BBM work together with real Blackberry BBM?

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  29. am avin probs wt bbm on my tecno D5 n it hs d requiremnt..its os is 4.0.1 it hz installd bt it’s sayin my wirelss ntwrk is turnd off whil my wifi is on

  30. Dadepo Ajadi says:

    how can I download bbm for my techno phantom a+ with with giving them five star review because the one I have that what is asking me to do and the other one someone just sent to me is telling me error or exist

  31. can i download bbm on my tecno p3 Android, if yes hw can i do it

  32. I’v bn trying to download bbm messenger for my galaxy s1.i found but d the version is not compactable with my phone.what shld I do?

  33. dead Ghost says:

    is it only N7 dat can use bbm or all the tecno product.

  34. i cannot see bbm software to download to my Tecno N3. pls direct me to the right website and explain in details what and what to click to download. thanks

  35. wat if my maill is not working,can i still download bbm and then open anoda maill?

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