How to Browse Free with MTN BBC Blackberry Complete Subscription on PC/Laptop

Am giving this information out for free to everyone. Incase you haven’t heard of this before hear it now, you can use MTN BBC Blackberry Complete Subscription to Browse Unlimited Free on your PC without using data bundle. Its free and its fast!!! Just follow the procedures below and you are on to enjoying free unlimited downloads and browsing on your pc/laptop.

Note: 1. Alot of people do charge for giving out info like this, but here at I am committed to giving you free information and tips that will help you grow technologically. 2. You are not entitled to copy this article and paste on your own blog, website or whatever way you may use to disseminate this info.

Okay! Lets get to business. Here’s how to use Mtn BBC Blackberry Complete Subscription to Browse Free on your PC. First of all you need to subscribe to any of the MTN Blackberry Complete Subscription e.g. BBC WEEK, BBC Monthly etc. I would advice you to subscribe to “BBC Monthly” that cost only N1,500 for 1month. To subscribe just textBBC” to 21600 and you will be connected to the blackberry wireless service.

After successfully subscribing. Remove your MTN SIM card and put inside your modem or if you wish to use your phone to create a dial-up internet connection just make sure you use the following settings:

Connection Name:MTN BIS
Access Point:
Username: web
Password: web

modem settings for mtn bis browsing

Download Freegate Tunneler from here. After Downloading Freegate => Launch  it and set your Firefox Mozilla Browser to listen to the following proxy settings:

Proxy Address: or localhost
Port: 8580
(This can be down from Tools => Options => Network => Settings. See the screenshot below)

use browser with mtn bis free browsing

Remember to tick Use this proxy server for all protocols. (Very Important!)

Now open any website you like e.g. and start browsing.

Note: With this method there is no limit of browsing, browsing is unlimited and free. But remember that you have to subscribe to MTN BIS!

I hope this information helps. Please share it with your friends on Facebook, Twitter etc.

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