How to Unlock ZTE Modem with ZTE Modem Unlocker

DC Crap Modem Unlocker is a universal zte usb modem unlocker that I use to unlock any type of modem be it MTN F@astLINK MF190 ZTE Modems, EasyBlaze, Visafone, Airtel. DC Crap Modem Unlocker will strap your modem and make it work with any network. Just like you see in the screenshot below. I didn’t know it would work with the new MTN F@astLink Modem until I downloaded it and used it to unblock the modem.

unlock mtn fastlink modem to zte

unlock mtn fastlink modem to zte

Just like I have said before, DC Crap Modem Unlocker can unlock both ZTE and Huawei modem. I tell ya this software is WOW!! And you will  be amazed the way it works.

Just follow the procedure below to download and use DC Crap to Unlock any type of modem and make it browse with other network SIM like Airtel, Etisalat, Glo and beyond…

How to Download DCP Crap Modem Unlocker

Goto and search for “dc crap modem unlocker” to get the zte Modem Unlocker

==> Then unzip it when you finish downloading, after unzipping you opendccrap.exe

==> Select the Manufacturer of your modem, it could be Huawei or ZTE if its ZTE Modem click on the manufacturer box and select ZTE DataCards, then plug in your modem and click onDetect Card (the magnifying glass)

==> If done properly it should detect your modem and ready for unlock

==> Now click on Unlocking and select Unlock. (see the screenshot below)

Your ZTE or HUAWEI will be unlocked and ready for you to use. After unlocking your modem the network signal will now come up if you put an alien SIM Card.

After unlocking what next?? Read on to find what next you should do when you finish unlocking your zte modem.

How to Create a New Profile for your Network

Basically, you have to create a new network internet profile for the new network you want to use with your modem, this varies according to the type of modem you have. But I will be using ZTE as an example, though its much more easier with Huawei.

After you finish unlocking your modem with DC Crap Unlocker, open your modem application and goto Settings > Connection settings

Click on Add New, then enter the following network profile settings

FOR MTN Nigeria


password: web

username: web


Airtel Nigeria


password: internet

username: internet


Etisalat Nigeria

apn: etisalat

user name and password leave it empty.


Now save everything and connect!

Hope this helps? Cheers.


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The Discussion

  1. Whats the username and password? or smartbro for both username and password is not working anymore.. can somebody help?? Im trying to unlock my ZTE Smartbro MF180. Thank you.

  2. fabian chinedu says:

    tanx for ur good work,pls i cant creat proftile other network afta unlockung mtn zte modem,each time i try to save my configuratn,it will write connect config failed,what do i do? also send ur numba for me to call u pls

  3. fabian chinedu says:

    i hav followed ur steps to unlocK my mtn zte mf190 modem,after unlocking it, i put glo sim on d modem but its asking for unlock code and d DC crap did not generate any unlock code,pls how do i get d code? my IMEI CODE IS 866840015435128. pls send d unlock code to ذ08030897019,tanx

  4. Yes I got it. Thanks so much. But I don’t really know how to use it properly.

  5. odimba nnamdi says:

    wen i tried unlocking d modem, i was asked for my username and password. wie do i get it frm?

  6. hellooo

  7. Chairman thanks for thsi software, but mine is asking me for a username and password , how far

  8. pls update me if there is an available upgrade of dc. thanks!

  9. I already downloaded and use it. its not working. my zte modem card is new release and dc-unlocker_client-1.00.0857 supports my modem,,

  10. hi there do you have dc crap.

    can u unlock this?

    imei: 860547000884501

    model: zte MF190 Smartbro phillipines.

  11. Emmanuel Atoshi says:

    Pls I have unlocked ma etisalat zte modem but other networks are not connecting even though I have their configurations. Pls I need help on that urgently.

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